mnctech101 (9:33:57 PM): what kind of girl would cling to the skate industry for an identity?
stringrbarksdale (9:34:04 PM): a sociopath.
mnctech101 (9:34:07 PM): "i'm down with baker..."
mnctech101 (9:34:08 PM): ha
stringrbarksdale (9:34:12 PM): i'm serious
mnctech101 (9:34:27 PM): how do you figure?
stringrbarksdale (9:34:59 PM): any girl who needs attention from socially retarded skate dudes is sociopathic
mnctech101 (9:35:08 PM): a fair assessment
mnctech101 (9:35:19 PM): do you feel like skating retarded you socially?
stringrbarksdale (9:35:40 PM): in a way, also accelerated in a way
mnctech101 (9:35:53 PM): yeah i was talking to my girl about this a while ago
stringrbarksdale (9:35:59 PM): because you meet so many people from different areas
mnctech101 (9:36:02 PM): i came to the same conclusion
mnctech101 (9:36:07 PM): yeah
mnctech101 (9:36:22 PM): but you also tend to associate with people who don't do too much
stringrbarksdale (9:36:33 PM): mostly
stringrbarksdale (9:36:44 PM): skaters are mostly more interesting that regular people anyway
mnctech101 (9:37:05 PM): so long as they're not completely immersed in skating
mnctech101 (9:37:34 PM): i met lots of people early on, like when i was 12, that i'd have never known without skating
mnctech101 (9:37:39 PM): put me on to lots of things early
stringrbarksdale (9:37:41 PM): yeah totally
stringrbarksdale (9:38:13 PM): i have completely lost contact with everyone i hung out with in high school
stringrbarksdale (9:38:19 PM): besides dudes i used to skate with
mnctech101 (9:39:29 PM): yeah
mnctech101 (9:39:30 PM): me too
mnctech101 (9:40:13 PM): i lost regular contact with pretty much everyone i knew before i was 18, 19
mnctech101 (9:40:16 PM): they all quit skating
stringrbarksdale (9:57:04 PM): slap is on a shit server
mnctech101 (9:57:20 PM): i hate the new msg board, that fucking flannel motif
stringrbarksdale (9:57:25 PM): all the message board posting is pushing it into CRITICAL OVERLOAD
mnctech101 (9:57:37 PM): heh
mnctech101 (9:57:48 PM): transfer the msg board to usenet
stringrbarksdale (9:57:49 PM): "she's gonna blow!!!!!"
mnctech101 (9:57:53 PM): ha
mnctech101 (9:57:58 PM): like one dude posts something
mnctech101 (9:58:18 PM): "andrew reynolds said that greco's wack now"
mnctech101 (9:58:22 PM): *kablam*
stringrbarksdale (9:58:27 PM): yes, transfer to usenet
stringrbarksdale (9:58:32 PM): text only
mnctech101 (9:58:36 PM): binaries
stringrbarksdale (9:58:38 PM): heh
stringrbarksdale (9:58:45 PM): never figured that shit out
mnctech101 (9:58:51 PM): yeah
mnctech101 (9:59:35 PM): i remember when i discovered usenet, my news reader couldn't display binaries, so i'd just see them as blocks of text. i spent a couple of minutes looking at one, expecting a magic eye-like effect.
stringrbarksdale (9:59:44 PM): yeah me too
stringrbarksdale (9:59:54 PM): i read it in Unix
mnctech101 (10:00:02 PM): how did you find usenet anyway?
stringrbarksdale (10:00:26 PM): it was a function of the Columbia email program--CUnix
mnctech101 (10:00:43 PM): yeah i found it through netcom, my isp at the time
mnctech101 (10:00:57 PM): "message boards, eh. wonder if there's a skate one"
mnctech101 (10:01:35 PM): i think google owns usenet now
stringrbarksdale (10:01:47 PM): how did that work
mnctech101 (10:01:55 PM): they bought all the content
stringrbarksdale (10:01:59 PM): i thought it was like...a noncommercial entity
mnctech101 (10:02:03 PM): priceless posts
stringrbarksdale (10:02:19 PM): rmhh was funny too
mnctech101 (10:02:25 PM): yeah i have no idea
mnctech101 (10:02:29 PM): oh yeah
mnctech101 (10:02:35 PM): steve 'flash' juon
stringrbarksdale (10:02:45 PM): well, ohhla is still a valuable resource
mnctech101 (10:02:55 PM): who posts those lyrics?
stringrbarksdale (10:03:01 PM): random dudes
mnctech101 (10:03:09 PM): sounds like a good use of time
stringrbarksdale (10:03:26 PM): it's crazy, every song ever is on that shit
mnctech101 (10:03:53 PM): that dude matt barone writes for rap magazines now
stringrbarksdale (10:04:09 PM): "a growth industry, for sure"
mnctech101 (10:07:49 PM): these people in my classes asked me about writing for skate mags
mnctech101 (10:07:54 PM): "how can i get in?"
mnctech101 (10:07:59 PM): "uuhh, shoot photos"
mnctech101 (10:08:39 PM): "don't ask for money"
stringrbarksdale (10:08:53 PM): yes, don't ask for money
stringrbarksdale (10:09:02 PM): don't expect to be compensated for work
mnctech101 (10:09:10 PM): not from skate mags
mnctech101 (10:09:15 PM): maybe you'll get a hoodie or something
stringrbarksdale (10:09:27 PM): i would settle for a sheet of grip
mnctech101 (10:09:34 PM): grip's expensive
stringrbarksdale (10:09:37 PM): no shit!
mnctech101 (10:09:41 PM): a roll costs shops like $65
stringrbarksdale (10:10:11 PM): back later
mnctech101 (10:10:14 PM): yup


Philip Anselmo: an American classic

"Never underestimate the kid--you're fuckin' crazy if you do!
And oh, by the way, I'm the kid."
Phil Anselmo
I went to see Down last Friday night--paid for a babysitter and everything. In 1992, Down originated as a Pantera side project including Anselmo, two dudes from C.O.C. and two dudes from Crowbar. Their debut recording,
considered by many a cornerstone of the Southern Metal subgenre, came out in 1995. Truth be told, it was probably my favorite thing to listen to in the late 90's.
An integral part of Down, however, is singer Phil Anselmo and his wacky stage banter. I had not experienced this since Feb. 1999, when i witnessed Pantera open for Sabbath at the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island.
Pantera opened with this song, and I tripped the fuck out.
As you might imagine, Long Island's finest citizens came out for this performance. If you live in the city or Brooklyn, I highly recommend taking the train/bus out there for an Islanders game or some shit--good times. Truth be told, Anselmo did, in fact, advocate smoking weed at the 1999 show, as he did Friday night. He also repeatedly exclaimed "Let's rock!" before the band went into a "breakdown" part. At another point, he prevented a fight by addressing a fan and doing that "eye contact" thing where you point to your eyes and then at the person, saying "Look here, brother, anger is just one fuckin' moment in your life--let it pass!"
Sage advice, indeed.
Sometimes I wonder of Anselmo's stage persona is really how he is or if it's just an act--like a pro wrestler. In any event, he is one of the most entertaining dudes out there. For example, at the Long Island show, he asked the crowd "Who here is on acid?" When a few individuals applauded, he replied "You're full of shit!" Subsequently, Pantera covered "Cat Scratch Fever" and immediately went into the beginning of "Raining Blood," with Dimebag handing his guitar to Anselmo, who nailed the intro solo. Good times--good times, indeed.



I have implemented a few critical updates here, if you happen to be interested and have not been scrolling down.
Thanks for reading.
I should be done by the end of the week, depending on babysitter status for the Down concert Friday nite.
I'm going to put a lot of thought into the Mariano part, but it is warranted, I think...



Even though this graphic is ironic, it still might have to go on my wall. Maybe my parents would have been more psyched on skating if this board had come out like 14 years ago.




My kids' grandfather sent the five-year-old a fifth birthday present in a box by this company. Then my brain started working..."Eurotech."
"Sounds like Menace Tech."

Truth be told, There are shitload of companies called "Euro Tech."
For illustrated examples, See the Lordz video or that one contest vid on youtube of Munster, except there's no one in the audience and some kid in one of those winter coats with a fuzzy hood keeps trying bigspin heels until he finally makes one and hugs Bastien Salabanzi.

1. Petr Horvat
2. Marfaing
3. that asian dude in the Lordz video that was ridiculously good
4. Eero Antilla
5. (whatever happened to...)
Marco Romero

Another brainchild of Andy Howell--a funny song parody of "Pinball Wizard."
Note: in 1991, referring to "pimps" and "ho's" was still kind of edgy-- I'm Gonna Git You Sucka had only been released like 3 years prior. This was before every sorority in America (and whatever Real World was being filmed at the time) had a "pimps and ho's" party.
As if to say, "ha! look at me, I'm dressed like an actual whore! aren't I cute? Of course, I'm not really a prostitute, so it's ironic--the opposite of what you would expect!"
Let me tell you--there's nothing cute or funny about prostitution. It's a business like anything else. And it's a cold world out there.

Too fucking cold.

ps. looks like a nollie f/s railslide on the fountain curb. goddamn, that thing is waxed to hell.


Vanilla Ice: a decent mc - continued

Last year, I made this post in a sleep-deprived haze, claiming that Vanilla Ice was really not that terrible of an mc, especially compared to a bunch of dudes that are popular now. Well, it would seem that I am not alone here:
These fucking guys do a segment on their show where they go through the alphabet, playing a track from the "best" artist whose name begins with each letter. They take calls from listeners with suggestions, and it's entertaining radio. For example, "T" was Tupac, "S" was Smif-n-Wessun, etc. So, the other night, the best mc they could think of for "V' was Vanilla Ice. The only artists that were remotely close were Vinnie from Naughty by Nature and that hooker Vita from Murder Inc. or whatever the fuck she is affiliated with now. I'd agree with Jude, though, that his main downfall was only creating one decent song.

ps. yes, I did attend (note: I got in for free, thanks to college radio) a Vanilla Ice concert on his "hardcore" comeback tour in 1998, when he put out a record produced by that Limp Bizket producer guy. He performed both the regular version of "Ice Ice Baby" and this one.

Too fucking cold.