Another brainchild of Andy Howell--a funny song parody of "Pinball Wizard."
Note: in 1991, referring to "pimps" and "ho's" was still kind of edgy-- I'm Gonna Git You Sucka had only been released like 3 years prior. This was before every sorority in America (and whatever Real World was being filmed at the time) had a "pimps and ho's" party.
As if to say, "ha! look at me, I'm dressed like an actual whore! aren't I cute? Of course, I'm not really a prostitute, so it's ironic--the opposite of what you would expect!"
Let me tell you--there's nothing cute or funny about prostitution. It's a business like anything else. And it's a cold world out there.

Too fucking cold.

ps. looks like a nollie f/s railslide on the fountain curb. goddamn, that thing is waxed to hell.

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