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On March 28, 1984, in the middle of the night, the Colts bolted snowy Baltimore for greener pastures in Indianapolis. (Lloyd Pearson - AP)

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you see, pimpin' is big business

and it's been going on since the beginning of time

and it's gonna continue straight ahead
until somebody out there turns out the lights on this small planet

I found the above in the library the other day. Trip the fuck out. It basically functions as an addendum or corollary to my previous post about the World box set. Clyde brings to light some of the same points, especially with regard to Rocco. However, I do have a couple [Popeye's chicken] bones to pick here. First, not including The Creeper among the list of elite Nineties graphic design dudes.
Come on now.
In addition, including the almost universally-maligned Lick in any list of elite Nineties videos surprised the fuck out of me, but if he's co-signing the XYZ vid and Uno it kind of makes sense from the persective of Mr. Singleton's un-edited mindstate. However, when combined with listing Alphonzo Rawls as one of the elite talents of the whole decade, that seemingly left-field choice caused me to draw the following conclusion: Alphonzo Rawls is underrated as fuck. I would also go so far as to say the following:
Alphonzo Rawls was The Black Danny Way.
The dude was one of five or so people in the whole world that could pull legitimately cool, progressive shit on both vert and street. Alf, however, displayed a much more palatable delivery than Way's trademark "mechanized Aryan super-soldier" style.