Dear HBO people:

Thank you for showing Cool as Ice at 4:35 AM the other day, so that people like me who feed infants all night could view it. You know, truth be told, Vanilla Ice was not that bad of an MC. He was better, if you consider his mc'ing totally objectively, than a lot of these fucks that are out now that rhyme the last word of every line in a song, or rhyme a word with the same word. Like the song "Cool as Ice" - he doesn't suck at mc'ing. He just gets clowned because his image was goofy as fuck--like the white Hammer or some shit. But you'd do it too. If some record company fuck said you could have all the money, coke, and pussy you wanted if you wore some silly suit and did a silly dance, you'd be all over that shit. The only fake thing he did was claim Miami when he was really from somewhere in Texas. Not the part the Geto Boys are from, I'm sure. So don't hate on Vanilla Ice.
Also, thank you for putting seasons 4 and 5 of The Wire on ON DEMAND. Could I be any more amped for Jan. 6? I'm trying to have an episode on in the background here all the time. One thing I just noticed while watching the beginning of Season 3 is everyone in the whole show uses yellow legal pads for all kinds of shit. Cutty uses one to diagram the failed hit on Marlo people. Carcetti uses them to communicate in that City Council meeting. Stringer uses one as a prop in D'Angelo's trial--that's in episode one though. Some mook takes notes on one in the co-op meeting at the hotel--and hilarity ensues.
"Are you taking notes--on a criminal fucking conspiracy? Gimme that shit!"
Yellow legal pads--for winners.

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