mnctech101 (9:33:57 PM): what kind of girl would cling to the skate industry for an identity?
stringrbarksdale (9:34:04 PM): a sociopath.
mnctech101 (9:34:07 PM): "i'm down with baker..."
mnctech101 (9:34:08 PM): ha
stringrbarksdale (9:34:12 PM): i'm serious
mnctech101 (9:34:27 PM): how do you figure?
stringrbarksdale (9:34:59 PM): any girl who needs attention from socially retarded skate dudes is sociopathic
mnctech101 (9:35:08 PM): a fair assessment
mnctech101 (9:35:19 PM): do you feel like skating retarded you socially?
stringrbarksdale (9:35:40 PM): in a way, also accelerated in a way
mnctech101 (9:35:53 PM): yeah i was talking to my girl about this a while ago
stringrbarksdale (9:35:59 PM): because you meet so many people from different areas
mnctech101 (9:36:02 PM): i came to the same conclusion
mnctech101 (9:36:07 PM): yeah
mnctech101 (9:36:22 PM): but you also tend to associate with people who don't do too much
stringrbarksdale (9:36:33 PM): mostly
stringrbarksdale (9:36:44 PM): skaters are mostly more interesting that regular people anyway
mnctech101 (9:37:05 PM): so long as they're not completely immersed in skating
mnctech101 (9:37:34 PM): i met lots of people early on, like when i was 12, that i'd have never known without skating
mnctech101 (9:37:39 PM): put me on to lots of things early
stringrbarksdale (9:37:41 PM): yeah totally
stringrbarksdale (9:38:13 PM): i have completely lost contact with everyone i hung out with in high school
stringrbarksdale (9:38:19 PM): besides dudes i used to skate with
mnctech101 (9:39:29 PM): yeah
mnctech101 (9:39:30 PM): me too
mnctech101 (9:40:13 PM): i lost regular contact with pretty much everyone i knew before i was 18, 19
mnctech101 (9:40:16 PM): they all quit skating
stringrbarksdale (9:57:04 PM): slap is on a shit server
mnctech101 (9:57:20 PM): i hate the new msg board, that fucking flannel motif
stringrbarksdale (9:57:25 PM): all the message board posting is pushing it into CRITICAL OVERLOAD
mnctech101 (9:57:37 PM): heh
mnctech101 (9:57:48 PM): transfer the msg board to usenet
stringrbarksdale (9:57:49 PM): "she's gonna blow!!!!!"
mnctech101 (9:57:53 PM): ha
mnctech101 (9:57:58 PM): like one dude posts something
mnctech101 (9:58:18 PM): "andrew reynolds said that greco's wack now"
mnctech101 (9:58:22 PM): *kablam*
stringrbarksdale (9:58:27 PM): yes, transfer to usenet
stringrbarksdale (9:58:32 PM): text only
mnctech101 (9:58:36 PM): binaries
stringrbarksdale (9:58:38 PM): heh
stringrbarksdale (9:58:45 PM): never figured that shit out
mnctech101 (9:58:51 PM): yeah
mnctech101 (9:59:35 PM): i remember when i discovered usenet, my news reader couldn't display binaries, so i'd just see them as blocks of text. i spent a couple of minutes looking at one, expecting a magic eye-like effect.
stringrbarksdale (9:59:44 PM): yeah me too
stringrbarksdale (9:59:54 PM): i read it in Unix
mnctech101 (10:00:02 PM): how did you find usenet anyway?
stringrbarksdale (10:00:26 PM): it was a function of the Columbia email program--CUnix
mnctech101 (10:00:43 PM): yeah i found it through netcom, my isp at the time
mnctech101 (10:00:57 PM): "message boards, eh. wonder if there's a skate one"
mnctech101 (10:01:35 PM): i think google owns usenet now
stringrbarksdale (10:01:47 PM): how did that work
mnctech101 (10:01:55 PM): they bought all the content
stringrbarksdale (10:01:59 PM): i thought it was like...a noncommercial entity
mnctech101 (10:02:03 PM): priceless posts
stringrbarksdale (10:02:19 PM): rmhh was funny too
mnctech101 (10:02:25 PM): yeah i have no idea
mnctech101 (10:02:29 PM): oh yeah
mnctech101 (10:02:35 PM): steve 'flash' juon
stringrbarksdale (10:02:45 PM): well, ohhla is still a valuable resource
mnctech101 (10:02:55 PM): who posts those lyrics?
stringrbarksdale (10:03:01 PM): random dudes
mnctech101 (10:03:09 PM): sounds like a good use of time
stringrbarksdale (10:03:26 PM): it's crazy, every song ever is on that shit
mnctech101 (10:03:53 PM): that dude matt barone writes for rap magazines now
stringrbarksdale (10:04:09 PM): "a growth industry, for sure"
mnctech101 (10:07:49 PM): these people in my classes asked me about writing for skate mags
mnctech101 (10:07:54 PM): "how can i get in?"
mnctech101 (10:07:59 PM): "uuhh, shoot photos"
mnctech101 (10:08:39 PM): "don't ask for money"
stringrbarksdale (10:08:53 PM): yes, don't ask for money
stringrbarksdale (10:09:02 PM): don't expect to be compensated for work
mnctech101 (10:09:10 PM): not from skate mags
mnctech101 (10:09:15 PM): maybe you'll get a hoodie or something
stringrbarksdale (10:09:27 PM): i would settle for a sheet of grip
mnctech101 (10:09:34 PM): grip's expensive
stringrbarksdale (10:09:37 PM): no shit!
mnctech101 (10:09:41 PM): a roll costs shops like $65
stringrbarksdale (10:10:11 PM): back later
mnctech101 (10:10:14 PM): yup

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