UNDERRATED VIDEO PART THEATRE#1: Shiloh Greathouse in Love Child

Way back in the day before the internet, one had to actually interact with human being to see old vids. For example, if you were lucky, there would be some dude in one of your classes in high school that had been skating for a few more years than you. Maybe he would let you borrow some poor quality videotape with a few vids on it -- maybe Barge At Will or that SMA video where Frank Hirata skates to "Dine Alone." Anyway, in the winter of 93/94 this one dude in my Communications Technology class (read: screen printing) let me borrow this tape with--I think this was the lineup--Hokus Pokus, Barge at Will, Da Deal is Dead, and Love Child. Although Jovantae* had the best style, Shiloh's part (here it is --under "videos." I don't know how to do one of those "youtube" links because it's flash-embedded or some shit) was particularly mindblowing. Maybe it was the catchy Three Dog Night tune; maybe it was the esoteric, progressive trick selection. Here's a breakdown of the highlights:
A. Nosebluntslide to pop out on the inside of one of the fountains at the Santa Monica Courthouse: progressive as fuck. Looking at something in a different way. If Mark Gonzalez had pulled this in the blind video everyone would be telling their grandchildren about it.**
B. (I could be wrong here) first ever in the history of the world to film the following: bs nollie 360 hf, shoveit ng shoveit out, sw bigspin flip, and the ender:
C. bs 270 to lipslide, as if it was an afterthought, on the "yeah nigga!" rail.
In conclusion, this part is underrated as fuck.
*Jovantae is like the Bernard King of skating. If you ask anyone who followed the NBA in the early Eighties who the best players ever are, they will almost certainly be like "fuck, before Bernard King got hurt..." and then wistfully stare off into space as they recall his greatness. If you ask anyone who skated from like 90-93 who had the best style, they will most likely say "fuck, Jovantae...best tre flips ever...style style style..."
**Maybe one day I will tackle the topic of Mark Gonzales possibly being overrated, or maybe the side topic of Tom Penny being better than Mark Gonzalez ever was. Not now though. Just remember - Mark Gonzalez could never really do flip tricks. Jason Lee in his prime was probably better and had better style than Mark Gonzales...


hairfarmer said...

Gonz did have that one frontside flip over a barrel in 411 - I think in a 60/40 commercial. He was wearing some cuffed rockabilly jeans; I think he popped it over a sideways barrel off a sidewalk bump - real nice.

** said...

thanks for commenting!!!