first new set-up in 12 years!!!

Actually seven years, but does it really matter? I would have set up the exact same board 14 years ago. The only difference is the low Indy's that hadn't been invented yet. I always wanted Indy's, but they were always too high and weighed too much. According to what scientific measurement, I don't know; that's the kind of scientific mind that inspired me to only use 3 bolts on each truck to make the board lighter.
I decided to go by the local shop (that I worked at for 2 days 2 summers ago), and if they had a board that felt decent, I would get a set-up. This one worked. My goal is to skate for at least half and hour a week, in addition to cruising around the neighborhood or whatever. The shop dude offered to set it up, I replied "I'll do it myself...I haven't set up a board in more than seven years; I'm into the ritual of it." He concurred. On my way out the door, he offered me a razor blade, which I declined.
Truth be told, I had looked forward to setting up the board as much as skating it, if not more so. I fetishized it. This is how it went down:
1. Pressed bearings into wheels using the truck on my old set-up (the one that had been left out in the rain in the backyard countless times)
2. Mounted wheels on trucks
3. gripped board - okay, this is when I have a specific strategy. First, I placed the sheet of grip tape on the board, making sure there was enough extra grip on either side for the incisions. Then, I smoothed the grip out from the center of the board in either direction, taking care to not let any bubbles in there. My technique was still decent enough that I didn't have to do the old popping-griptape-bubbles-with-razor-blade routine. Subsequently, I made four incisions at the curve points of the board--this makes it easier to make the final incisions. Finally, I cut the grip around the nose, tail, and either side.
4. Mounting the trucks was not very complicated because I got "silverados" hardware to distinguish the nose from the tail. This precluded the need for using three bolts on each truck, facing in, to differentiate the nose from the tail, Like so-- :. .:
critical, critical shit.


dylan said...

i must say i had a similar experience setting up my first set of new trucks in 6 years with a new deck.

there's nothing quite like the feeling of fresh griptape thumb

** said...

griptape thumb

oh yeah.

thanks for reading & commenting!