"An expectation is a premeditated resentment"

I read that quote in some 12-step literature the other night. I suppose whoever wrote it was referring to living with an addict, but it applies to skating as well. You will have a much better time, I've found, if you approach skating, or any venture, with no or super low expectations. If you expect to land stuff, even something you thought you had wired yesterday, you're setting yourself up for resentment:
resenting yourself
too much wax
needs wax
shoes too new--need to be broken in
shoes too old--blown out
trucks too tight
trucks too loose
did I just crack my board?
It's like gambling--if you go to AC expecting to win, you're fucked. If you win? Bonus. You pay for the experience, wherein lies the value. Expecting the worst-case scenario is like the converse of this, and fucks with one's head equally as fiendishly, if not moreso.
That's not to preclude visualization--a crucial technique in any creative realm.

ps. this also applies to women

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smorales said...

killer post. I just watched that movie Click and they wax poetic on all sorts of shit.