I'm listening to "Jungleland" over and over again. I'm not drinking though.
So the wave rolls on--this company has resurfaced. SICK! I think I saw H-Street is coming back too--that might just be for the collector market though. What does this mean? It means that--it's only a matter of time before someone resurrects the Menace brand.

What made the old ADI sick was that it was all some East Coast assassins--Harold, Jimmy Chung...fuck--I can't remember who else. Oh yeah--Keith Harrison, one of the most underrated dudes ever. Paul Leung, too. That dude Alyasha who designed everything killed it--it looked like nothing else. It's fucking crazy that Deluxe even green-lighted it, even for the year or whatever that it existed. Then again--it was the height of EAST COAST MANIA. It was weird--Eastern Exposure III came out, and literally overnight everyone was riding that one Ricky Oyola board (you know the one) and 60mm wheels, trying pole jams and skating rocks and shit. Trends in skating are ridiculous like that. They start literally overnight. It reminds me of the time I worked in a skate shop for two days. Some kid came in and was like "gimme the tightest, blackest pants you got!"
Am I in some kind of bizarro world?

ps. that wasn't why I quit.

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