turn of the century bgp.

I found this DC "trading card" in a book when I was reorganizing my bookshelf. Check out my awesome Microsoft Paint editing job to mask the huge, garish DC logo and "three sixty flip" caption. Anyway, this is some classic turn-of-the-century shit. I wonder what happened to those mooks in the background. I kind of wish I had gone down to Love Park more often--The Peter Pan bus was only like $25 round trip. Even better, the bus station is right in center city, so it was as if you got dropped like a paratrooper in the middle of an urban skating assault mission! Then again, there were ledges and shit in the city, and BAM was more comfortable in a way.

I try to go skating at least once a week at the park near my job, behind the police station. The last time, the dudes from the local shop were there, filming, including this one dude that was in my fifth grade class TWENTY YEARS AGO. He was like the "new kid" that introduced everyone to shit like skating and the Circle Jerks and shit like that. TWENTY YEARS AGO. How sick is that. This other dude was skating runs the shop and went to the Fully Flared premiere. He proclaimed it to be "the best video ever." I know, I know... everyone always says everything is the "best _____ ever" right when it comes out, and it's hard to compare anything now to Virtual or Snuff or whatever. I think whatever videos came out in your heyday are going to be the best ever for everyone. Or maybe Fully Flared is the best video ever! Whatevs...

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