I don't know - how does the above event connect to my actual life?
1. Well, today I went "skating" skating for the first time in about seven years. Shockingly, I was able to land a bs nollie heelflip on the bank, and a sketchy noseslide where I landed in a manual. Non-stylish, but give me a fucking break, I haven't gone skating in SEVEN YEARS. I mean, The last time I went skating, I borrowed my girlfriend's dad's jeep and drove to Love Park. Guess who was there? RICK HOWARD! of LAKAI! TRIP THE FUCK OUT!!
2. Another thing--today was Casual Friday, so I wore my Lakais. When I was walking down the hall, some Sixth Grader yelled out "HEY HE'S WEARING LAKAI'S - AWESOME!!" I think I threw a shaka over my shoulder, but I can't remember. That kid is awesome though.
Tonite the four-year-old is sleeping over at the grandparents', so I'm getting psyched for a quiet evening of cleaning up, television entertainment, paying bills, blogging, and resuming the long-term project of ripping all the cd's in my cd collection --the ones I still like anyway. I'm going to watch some film adaptation of one of the John Fante novels that I haven't read. Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek are unlikable, but Bukowski always said Fante was the shit so what the fuck. When did Showtime become so fucking cool? This month they've been showing Factotum and Born Into This non-stop. Matt Dillon killed it as Bukowski. He's got to be the best actor ever, in terms of fucking badass roles:
1. Over the Edge
2. Outsiders
3. Drugstore Cowboy
4. Singles
5. Beautiful Girls
6. Crash
7. and...Buk

Crash and Singles are questionable, but you can't fuck with the other five. Beautiful Girls is to be featured in an upcoming "underrated Nineties movie theatre" post, for sure.
"Models! I like dose chicks!"

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