The Brotherhood of the Tactical Pants

made in China
Hey, remember last summer when all those rad internet promos came out?
That was awesome.
The Traffic promo, in which Jack Sabback's part fuckin' powered the rest of the summer, lingers in my mind's eye most prominently. Pandemic, too. Haven't watched that one in a while. The fact that someone actually made a skate video based on The Wire still kind of blows my mind.
ANYWAY, the Expedition internet promo Hello Hello Hello performs the same function circa 2009--at least until Matt Beach's part in This Summer's Transworld Video becomes viewable by the general public. An acquaintance of mine who attended the premiere confirmed my suspicion that it is a possible life-changer.

Even though I have expressed disdain for cynical China filming trips in the past, Expedition's philosophy--which basically has not changed trajectory since 1998--and the personalities attached (WELSH, Enrique, the dude from Laguna Beach, the dude whose graphic is a Jameson*bottle, the Ottowan) make this promo of so-called "throwaway" footage appointment viewing. IF, that is, one backs this subgenre of loose-clothing tech ledge refinement. If so, one will surely appreciate the vibe therein--not to mention the most non-illusion switch 180 flip ever.** Even if the music supervision sounds like the dude just turned on Sirus XMU and picked the first five songs that came on.
BY THE WAY, the illusion flip backlash may have gone too far when dudes are doing kickflip late nose pivots on flat. Just an observation.

Let's revert to Welsh, though. As psyche-defining as the Free Your Mind and Aesthetics video parts might be, Welsh might have entered Gino territory--a zone where any footage should be viewed contextually with the entire monumental career arc in perspective. However, I envision Welsh following Creager*** into some kind of skater retirement community in the AZ sunset with mellow ditch spots and a miniramp in every backyard.

**If Beaubeau from Staten Island took action on BATB, I would bet this week's grocery money on Kelly Hart Sunday morning. Bet everything you own on it.

***Creager-related post coming soon


David said...

"late nose pivot on flat" one sentence later.."let's revert to"

Milton Ruleman said...

"Bushmills? That's Protestant whiskey."

** said...

^I stand corrected! Duly noted...