summer movie commentary

Some kind of web 4.0 harmonic convergence ocurred today.
First, Francis Ford Coppola appeared on Stern to promote his new film, the trailer for which you can theoretically view above. Epic, epic Stern; everyone was in awe of him, as you would expect from a cast that references Godfather every two to three days. I wanted to call in to ask if he and Spike are still cool, but I had almost arrived at work; I don't think they were taking calls anyway.The most poignant piece of the interview, from my perspective at least, was when he emphasized that he always told his kids that artist was, like, the best career. That's huge. He even name-dropped his nephew Jason Schwartzman, who, later on in the day, appeared in this video on the 'Tap.
Trip the fuck out.

While I have, for the time being, moved on from the Girl/Choc hardgoods (when Watson brought to light their heat transfer graphics it activated the ol' obsessive compulsion), they are still the best company, in a way, due to their ability to move through these seemingly disparate worlds. Not that they're the best company because they fuck with Hollywood fucks and skaters equally. Nor am I saying that they are somehow associated with FFC so that makes them better than, say, the sk8 waste management consultants. Or maybe it does. It's that whole LA vibe that made me want to localize my local schoolyard in the first place. Surface-wise, everything gleams, design and art are valued, yet there remains an underlying, um, Menace (!?)....

Note: trailers were not there in the Nineties.


Brad K. said...

I'm moving on too. My last few decks have had way worse than normal pressure cracks all over the deck after only a few days of mediocre old man skating. The funny thing is, I'm kind of sad about it because I like what they're about so much.

smorales said...

you need a pretty big excuse not to ride dlx these days.