this video is going VIRAL, BABY!!!

I did a big time 00's thing and uploaded a video to youtube--the montage from Sixth Sense with the Welsh sw 360 flip at the end -- second-to-last trick actually. Truth be told, I'm not the biggest fan of embedded video; it usually falls under the "hey dudes, look what I found on the internets" category. However, it's been floating across my mind's eye ever since the chrome ball dude posted this. Maybe it's a combination of skating through the banks that day and how completely out of left field it was at the time; I mean, the only dude who sw 360 flipped over stuff was...you know who. Note: apparently, it is one of the TOP 10 SWITCH 360 FLIPS EVER. Truth be told, I cannot recall if that was a SLAP topic or magazine article first--a moot point if there ever was one.
ANYWAY, there's some interesting stuff in there in addition to Welsh, like pre-cellar door Puleo, Brad Hayes (slightly ahead of his time), Jerry Fowler, and random footage of whoever was in NYC that spring, i.e. Nikhil Thayer at courthouse. Oh yeah--Dan "2 Fish" Rogers.

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gavin said...

jerry fowler was too good.