Greetings from Asbury Park.

Review of Inhabitants now complete. Approximate word count: 3,372.


David said...

Great write up.

I had sort of written off Gall, but now I am rethinking that idea. After rewatching his part I think he is a vital part of the newish super creative movement in skateboarding.
I think you need to rewatch Stefan's part. IMHO, he is absolutely amazing.
Thank you for hard work! I am so siked on the new skateboarding blog world, and I think you are a great part of it.

** said...

Thanks for the kind words!
Stefan is indeed amazing. Progressive and effortless. I think what I was trying to say is that his part isn't exactly my shit in terms of "get psyched to skate" parts. For example, Wade Des'Ormeaux's part in "Top Dollar" is, like, in my top 5 parts of all time.