Skouse interior decorating tip #4,080

Do you live in a skouse? Does the decor in said skate house scream "I do not live with a woman?" If so, or even if this is not the case, here is a fun project you can do with one of the most common skouse design elements: the pile of old, shredded-all-to-fuck decks in the corner.
First, some background: When we moved here we got some shit from Pottery Barn Kids for our kids' rooms, so I have been receiving the catalog in the mail ever since. So today, I laughed when I saw this spread therein. The funniest part is the description for the deck-shaped chalkboards.
"Fuckin' skate kids--always "tagging" everything!!"
This shelving unit, though, seems like it would be a cool idea if fabricated with actual decks--you know, not the kind from bizarro world that have the (main) graphic on the top. I guess one could get some cheapo shelves from wherever, un-grip the decks, and just drill holes through the decks before one mounts the shelves. Or one could place 2x4's or some shit behind the decks so one could mount the unit on the skouse wall graphics-out.
Fuck, I might actually do this over the summer when I don't have to work.

ps. Just to clarify, if any of my kids get into skating, I will not redecorate with a "skate" theme. I will, though, encourage the classic "wall collage"--the only thing mags are good for now.


The New Stereo Video said...

watch out though, you might become competition for Pierre-Andre's new joint...


** said...

ha! that shit is intense.
"Yes, excuse me while I rip some lines off of my coffee table fabricated from 'new' skateboard decks."