There will be blood...

If I see another hipster with an ironic moustache. I am fucking amped to see that movie, though. Big P.T. Anderson fan. Magnolia? big fan. Boogie Nights? All-time top five. Hard Eight? Decent. Punch-Drunk Love? Unwatchable.
Anyway, this film reminded me of this photograph and all this stupid fucking trends of this decade. Oddly enough, it's almost over and I still don't even know what to call it. The 00's? I mean, how do you even pronounce that? Anyway,
1. all-over print everything
2. skating while listening to mp3 player
3. women's jeans on dudes/super-tight pants
4. ironic mustaches
5. ironic metal shirts (including the subcategories ironic Eighties "hair metal" shirts and ironic Slayer/Venom/death metal shirts)
6. sunglasses inside/at night
7. kids who try bs lipping handrails before they can kickflip on flat
8. New Era--i mean wearing a New Era that is too big for your head just barely on the corner of your head so that if a fucking hummingbird flew by it would blow it off
9. war
10. any hip-hop song that rhymes "bottle" with "model", throwing money at the camera, opening champagne bottles directly into the camera, or blowing weed smoke at the camera


Watson said...

Ahahah I think I read this post when I was really drunk and then forgot I did.

But I just re-read it and the hummingbird line is gold.

satan said...

How about Flat Brim All Over Print Caps....Kids in tight pants rockin moon boots...Kids trying nollie 3 flips before they know all of the basics (I mean all of em, every shuv it, ollie, 180, single slip trick and shit)....Lil' Wayne and Kanye being called Hip-Hop....Kids with wack pussy pushes on their board, or as I like to call them, baby feet....People not skating everything....People not skating fast enough...Finally, people not knowing who the fuck Ron Bertino, Drake Jones, Travis Stenger are...

** said...

Travis Stenger

I did not know who this dude was...he's nasty though. I saw that 5/0 tre flip out in someone's avatar on SLAP and I thought to myself "who the fuck is that?"