snake eyes.

So for whatever reason, my wife gets all this kooky stuff from Marlboro, like chili cookbooks and ashtrays, even though she doesn't smoke. In fact, she never did. Yesterday, though, I received the best cigarette-related knickknack yet--this set of chromed-out dice:

Don't these fucks know that you need three dice to play cee-lo? Shit.
Anyway, that reminded me of that video in which they're playing some dice game using a board as a backstop, like so:

I thought it was this Element industry section, but no dice. There is a definite dice motif going on here, though; it was my mind playing tricks on me again. Pep really was the best. He was actually one of those American Icons like Sinatra or Hemingway or Joe DiMaggio.
I forgot that all these random people were on Element at the time like Jason Ellis and Bear Hughes. In centuries to come, people will marvel at the fact that, once upon a time, there were marble and granite plazas in the middle of major American cities in which kids skated , etc...